Just Treats Here No Tricks!

Find the best seven minute meringue frosting recipe at Bon Appetite.com and color it a light orange pastel for a delicate Halloween triple brownie treat. The Apple crisps are perfect as individuals. Add leftover apple butter to enhance its richness. 

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Nasturtium Capers 

Inspired by my Ecology professor, I have been picking nasturtium seeds for weeks now! I am currently seed saving and germinating some other nasturtium seeds as well. Nasturtiums are amazing! Not only are they perennials meaning their rootstock grow back annually- making this better for the soil- but the entire plant is versatile. From the lily pad like leaves known as nose twists, to the yellow and orange flowers and its seeds, you can utilize this plant for so many things. My cousin Chelsea decorated the top of an ice cream cake with the edible flowers; who would think? The leaves have an antibacterial property, as well as vitamin C and iron which makes it common to add in a salad.

The Apple Trilogy

What could you possibly do with 12 pounds of apples. Apple picking, even for two doesn’t allow you to pick just a few apples and run along to the pumpkin patch. Apple  picking means buying in bulk the best crop of the year.

Apple infused Rekya vodka is the perfect way to use up those apple skins from making apple butter. Just add star anise,a cinnamon stick, nutmeg, and vanilla. As for the apple butter, use similar spices, with the addition of Crown maple syrup, and apple cider. Leave it to cook for many hours. We used 12 apples, and it took 4 hours to get thick, gooey, and caramelized. Leave it coarse or purée until smooth.

The Apple creme brulee was an experiment. Chris and I tag teamed this one. We cored, made custard, and filled the apples baking them in a water bath at 250 degrees. After sitting over night, we torched them with sugar. A very comforting, luscious fall treat.

Peaceful Eating 

Boys and their food. I had hoped it came out the way Chris once made it for me, but food tastes different when different people make it, so it’s lovely to see all variations. So, he was happily eating it regardless. Spaghetti (grandma made that executive choice) ricotta, big smashed cloves of garlic, a cup or more of finely grated Parmesan, cracked black pepper, and baby basil leaves. 

The Invereted Flower 

Wasps, specifically Fig Wasps, are the reason why this delicate fruit is available as a decoration for pastries, part of an elegant breakfast, or made into Fig Newton cookies. Wasps tunnel themselves into the fruit, detach their wings, nest their eggs, and allow for pollination to occur. We are simply eating the dissolved body of a wasp, how interesting! Because figs flower internally, other pollinators besides the honey bee, were brought into nature to get the job done. Who knew…

This mutual relationship is vital for the survival of the Fig Wasps and the production of Figs. So we owe it to those pesky bugs that sting like crazy; they are good for something.

Wine Berries 

It’s a nice thought,  but no. These berries aren’t known to make wine, but they are however, related to blackberries and the many ways you can manipulate them. It’s common to see these plump guys, on the side of a highway growing wildly; so the next time you are in a summer road trip, traffic jam, take that time to berry pick.