It’s not about the Turkey

Calling out to all you sweet tooths! Thanksgiving is about eating the pie that you secretly indulge on weeks before the holiday. Sometimes it’s more about sweet than savory.

How did the pumpkin pie come to be? It has been modified many times since Colonial America. Quince, pear, and apple tarts were standard pie fillings; pumpkin did, however, find its way on the tablescape in other forms: bread. When those did make pumpkin pie it was made with a unique pairing of ingredients. Some versions include the layering of apple and pumpkin, thyme, and marjoram, others include the addition of molasses, and then the boiling of pumpkin in milk and baked without a crust. In 1705, Thanksgiving was delayed for a week due to lack of molasses to make pies. 

Although I was never interested in history I think this is pretty interesting. So today I give thanks to my ability to make a pie. Thank you, God for all our blessings; our family, our friends, and pie.



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